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Never Give Up Dreaming - my short bio

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Saint-Exupery says in the Little Prince - Only the children know what they are looking for... Was he right? My main childhood dream appeared suddenly in my mind, I was may be ten or eleven years old... One day , chatting with my neighbor I pronounced loudly: I want to be a filmmaker and I was astonished more than my friend.... And then I started dreaming, dreaming of being Charles Chaplin...make people laugh and cry... But I was living in the Soviet Union, a country which was disintegrating slowly, destroying peoples' lives and erasing their dreams but not mine... I was haunted by this idea. Even if the country was fully demolished and a long battle for survival started, i was keeping dreaming, looking for the ways to make this dream come true... It was a period when I graduated from school, got bachelor's degree in French, started working as a journalist and translator. The stability came but not in my mind, Something inside myself was pushing me out, dictating me that I must go abroad. As the Soviet Union crashed, the opportunities appeared. however it was not so easy. Even though I was not living anymore in the closed country like North Korea, the society was still closed, which means you can't do what you want, you must do what you need, what the society thinks you need to do...Unconsciously, I was aspiring to freedom, freedom of choice and doing what I want what I like and not what others want me to do.... I immigrated to Canada and soon was able to study screenwriting and filmmaking... and I discovered that I really have some talents in it. I made with excellence an AEC in Media technology and film set in a college, in Montreal where I won some contests among students. Finally I created my studio entitled of course as Studio Ketevan. Studio Ketevan produces animation films, documentaries, web clips and other media projects.

I followed my childhood dream and I am here now. It is the pleasure

to go step by step to my final goal that is to make the films that will make people think and laugh...

So was Saint-Exupery right saying that only children know what they are looking for... Definitely YES - Never give up dreaming

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